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Our Sponsors (And Other Friends)

Here at Trivia with the Bens, we love to acknowledge our good friends and local businesses we love to support!

Sponsored by:

Capital Science Communicators (CapSciComm): Where it all got started. CapSciComm is your professional network for anyone interested in the craft and careers of science communication here in California’s Capital Region. Become a dues-paying Professional or Student Member today! (www.capscicomm.org | @CapSciComm | facebook.com/CapSciComm)

Old Friends

Kupros Craft House: If we weren’t playing virtually, we’d be hosting our trivia nights here. Call ahead to Kupros to reserve delicious take-out meals and beer packs — and bring that old feeling of the pub vibe back to your home. Call Kupros today! (www.kuproscrafthouse.com | @KuprosSacto | @KuprosCraftHouse | facebook.com/KuprosCraftHouse)

Tiferet Coffee House: If we weren’t writing these trivia questions at home, we’d be writing them here. You can now order whole beans — independently roasted here in Sacramento — for Friday curbside pickups, or buy a gift card for future use! (www.tiferetcoffeehouse.com | @tiferetcoffeehouse | facebook.com/TiferetCoffeeHouse)

Businesses Mentioned on Our Show

Sacramento: The Allspicery Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates Sunh Fish Company Tea Cup Cafe Aura Korean Casablanca Moroccan Restaurant The Strapping Store West Sacramento: Campus Brewing Company • Elsewhere: The Dress Up Gang

Get Featured!

Interested in sponsoring the show or providing prizes? We’d love to feature your greater Sacramento region business. Email us at [email protected] about how to get your business mentioned!