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Trivia with the Bens returns Tuesday, May 19th!

Virtual Science Trivia Night

Sponsored by Capital Science Communicators
Tuesday, May 19th, 2020
Game Starts at 7:00 p.m. Pacific
(Line Opens at 6:50 p.m. Pacific)

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Pour yourself an adult beverage or your favorite mocktail or fizzy water — join us again this Tuesday for TRIVIA WITH THE BENS! We want to thank all of you so very much in continuing to support our game, with tonight being our eighth-ever outing!

About Our Game:

Our format is four rounds of eight questions each, and the questions will get a little more difficult with each round (our format is a fond tribute to the Fox & Goose pub quiz hosted by Kevin Ice for many years).

Since we are co-hosted as a Capital Science Communicators #CapSciCommLive event, all the questions will have a STEM connection to them — and we may sprinkle in questions related to our Sacramento or Northern California region.

Each week will also have an additional theme, and this week is “Milk” — in honor of #HarveyMilkDay this coming Friday.

Our House Rules:

  • Questions: Ben and Ben will be posting each question on our Twitter feed at twitter.com/TriviaWithBens. Live audio line is available to current CapSciComm Professional and Student Members only.
  • Scoring: We’ll read out answers after each round — you are on your honor to score your own answer sheets. (No partial points are given in our game.)
  • No Peeking! Finally, no checking your phone or the internet or your home bookshelf for answers while playing! This isn’t a Googling contest!

For all teams: At the end of our quiz, we’ll open the line and see how folks scored across the possible points.

For teams with a competitive fire: Please tweet a photo of your completed answer sheets (tag @TriviaWithBens) — or email a photo to [email protected] — so we can verify top scores! We will announce the winner’s circle on the following day.

Thank you all for continuing to keep our local community vibrant and united during these unprecedented times. Together, we can stay strong and stay connected — and #KeepScienceSpicy!

See you on Tuesday night!
Ben Nicholson and Ben Young Landis

Check out the winners and full thread from our May 12th Trivia Night!
(P.S. to other trivia hosts: Please be kind and credit us if you’re planning to poach our questions. We all work hard on these ?)

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